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7 January 11

Nice summary of trends to watch for in 2011.  I think the JWT team captured a good deal of insight here and were able to concisely explain each trend on a slide.  Some might be obvious and some might be reaching, will be fun to watch and track throughout the year.

12 November 10

INFLUENCERS FULL VERSION from R+I creative on Vimeo.

Video about influencers that is not just focused on advertising/marketing, takes up entertainment and fashion as well.  Nice documentary from creative agency in Paris. 

9 November 10
28 October 10

How Much is that Jersey Worth?

Manchester United Jersey with AON

This year Manchester United took AON on as their new shirt sponsors, for a deal that tops all shirt deals in the English Premier League at £20m per season.  It got me thinking about these jerseys in general and another one of the biggest teams in the world, Real Madrid featuring BWIN an online gambling site across the front of its jersey. 

What if NFL Jerseys featured an online gambling site or a large corporation with business in several sectors such as risk management services and reinsurance?  If it ever happened, I think we’d hear plenty of uproar, even if there was a concession that there would be less commercials.

But there’s rarely a soccer fan that I watch games with that will comment on what’s on front of that soccer jersey.  Noticeable or not, the MLS has the NY Red Bulls and the Chicago Fire sport a Best Buy logo on the front of their jerseys.  So the sponsored jersey has actually become a part of the soccer culture, without it you lose authenticity.  So are scarfs, the eclectic pit behind the goal, and countless other cultural items. 

It reminds me of some of the basic tenets of how to think about digital: to tap into cultural relevance, start at human truths and work out from there to see where there’s something a brand can tap into.  So what’s your hypothetical marriage in our national sport leagues, McD’s and Dallas Cowboys or the NY Yankees and GE? 

25 September 10
The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Eric Schmidt
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Eric Schmidt interviewed by Stephen Colbert, very entertaining.  Colbert is relentless on the Google privacy concerns. 

(Source: The New York Times)

10 September 10
Pic of the day, sun sets on the Wrigley

Pic of the day, sun sets on the Wrigley

31 August 10

Watched this talk over the weekend and would recommend because it’s inspiring but also entertaining. I thought McCandless did a great job of bringing light to some very relevant and timely topics through data.

30 August 10

Really great video that was written up on NY Times Bit’s blog.  It features Steve Jobs in 1997 before the now famous “Think Different” brand campaign was released, talking about why he believed it was the answer for Apple.

1 August 10
The sun setting after a dusty, hot day at Pitchfork Music Fest in Chicago

The sun setting after a dusty, hot day at Pitchfork Music Fest in Chicago

Posted: 10:26 AM

LCD Soundsystem “All my Friends” Live at Pitchfork 2010

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh